El Diario de las Utopias

I’m a pilgrim on the edge,on the edge of my perceptionWe are travelers at the edge,we are always at the edge of our perceptions.

—Scott Mutter, Surrational Images

The Infinite Jukebox



Hello, Tumblr. See this thing?

It is the best goddamned thing you’ve seen all day.

Say hello to the Infinite Jukebox, an experiment in looping songs. See those curves cutting through the circle? What this bad boy does is analyze the song for similar beats…

I´m gonna fire the screenwriter of my life.

By Sean McCabe.



heyo, so im putting together one last beg post for posterity

(who would want a poster of a beg post i ask you)

between everything and everyone top surgery is nearly in the bag! and i want to thank everyone who donated last time, you all really knocked a huge chunk…

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